Specification Center

Specification Center

Changing engineering drawings or specifications does not need to be difficult. Use the below guide to specify Metalphoto into your designs.


1. Identify the Material:

Ideally use the brand name “Metalphoto®”. If your organization prefers a generic definition, use “silver-impregnated photosensitive anodized aluminum”. Those definitions will help insure your part gets genuine Metalphoto vs. an inferior dyed product that may fade.

2. Identify the Physical Properties of the Material:

a. Thickness or Gauge: Metalphoto ranges from 0.003” (.076mm) to 0.125” (3.175mm)

b. Alloy: all Metalphoto is 1100 alloy aluminum

c. Anodizing Process: Metalphoto conforms to the MIL-A-8625 for anodic layer

d. Imaging Technology: generically “silver-impregnated photosensitive anodized aluminum”

3. Reference Specifications & Tests:

There are many military, commercial and government specifications you can reference that Metalphoto is certified to. Here are some of those commonly referenced:

a. MIL-DTL-15024F: Identification of Equipment

b. MIL-P-19834B:General Specification for Plates

c. A-A-50271 Class 2- Composition C: Commercial Item Description

d. Federal Specification GGP-455B(3): Type I (Grade A&B) Class 1 or 2


For a longer list of some of Metalphoto’s major specifications, click the arrows to open the bars below or download our Engineering and Specifications Guide.

Military/Government Specifications Organization Description

Industry Specifications Organization Description

Independent Specifications Organization Description


Technical Support

Technical Support

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Distribution Center

Distribution Center

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